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Résumé de la discussion

Posté par Bob
 - Dimanche 15 Juin 2014 - 00:08
Team-Planning.com  is an online collaborative schedule, that perfectly fits any activities that require to manage the availability of personnels and / or equipments : Computer services, firefighters, hospitals, schools ...

After being registered, you'll be receiving an email with the connection's details, that will quickly enables you to start within 3  steps :

  • Insert employees and set the rights and visibility

  • Create and customize events: holidays, absences...

  • Send the schedule to all your employees in 2 clicks

It is possible and moreover recommanded to delegate the schedule management to some profils by assigning the appropriate rights.

The concept of the group (or service) is very important within Team-Planning.com, Indeed, that will enabled you to carry out the management of a large number of employees, and thus allocating a specifics settings for each group (Partial or complete visibility, etc...).

Fell free to visit our Forum to get further informations, online help and of course new release or fix.

Thank you to report here incorrect translation of Team-Planning.com